Home Buying Checklist

A Home Buying Checklist will help you identify some of the most important buying factors buyers need to consider when buying a home. A checklist helps you know what to expect so there are no surprises. You’ll also speed up the process by already having your documents collected.

  • Decide how much you can spend
  • Check your credit reports to find out your status
  • Get an idea of how much you can borrow
  • Shop for a mortgage lender
  • Consider getting preapproved for a loan
  • Find a real estate agent
  • Research potential neighborhoods
  • Make a list of features you want in a house
  • Go house hunting
  • Make an offer
  • Get an inspection
  • Consult a lawyer if you desire, or if it’s required in your state
[box type=”download”]Download The Home Buying Checklist [PDF][/box]

Home Tour Checklist

Take a Home Tour Checklist along whenever you go shopping to buy a home. We created the checklist below to help you keep track of the properties you visit. Print it out and take it along with you when you go looking at homes.

[box type=”download”]Download The Home Tour Checklist [PDF][/box]

When going on your house hunting trips, you may want to consider bringing a camera for neighborhoods and open houses, a calculator, a map of the area (if available), and a home comparison chart.

Preparing for a home purchase is an important first step in a successful transaction. Your eXp Realty associate will help you with the process of buying a home while representing your best interests throughout the entire purchase process.

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